Egypt detains Talk show host for ‘defaming police’


Egyptian authorities have detained TV Host Khairy Ramadan pending investigations for allegedly insulting the police after an episode of his TV show ‘Egypt Today’ aired on March 3.

The TV show hosted family members of police officers who lost their lives in an operation in Sinai; the episode featured a story narrated by the wife of a police officer who spoke about the tough living conditions citing limited salaries, according to media reports.

Ramadan is under investigation for allegations over insulting the police force and spreading false news via al-Ola, the national television channel.

On February 28, Egypt’s Public Prosecutor Nabil Sadek released an order that legal actions be taken against media outlets that publish ‘false news and rumors’. The statement further added that necessary legal action be taken against outlets that deliberately publish rumors to ‘disrupt Egypt’s public security’.

News outlets reporting from Egypt have come under fire from authorities in the past week, including the BBC, which Egypt’s government press center urged all officials to boycott after an article about human rights that stirred controversy.