Eid-al Adha: Nigerian Government urged to tackle banditry

Salihu Ali, Abuja

Prof. Galdanchi at the National Mosque, Abuja
The Nigerian government has been urged to intensify efforts to end the spate of banditry and other forms of insecurity affecting communities in the country.
The Chief Imam, National Mosque, Abuja, Professor Shehu Galadanci gave the advice while delivering his Eid-al Adha sermon to Muslims in the Nation’s Capital.
He said “we plead with the government to intensify it’s efforts in dealing with a number of atrocities being perpetrated by bandits and armed robbers in the country.”
Eid of Sacrifice
The Chief Imam admonished Muslims to observe the annual sacrifice in accordance with the Qur’an and the traditions of the Prophet peace be upon him.
He said “Muslims are requested to perform pilgrimage on this day. Of course, our Pilgrims are there in the sacred places of Muzdalifa, Minna, and Makkah performing the concluding rites of their Pilgrimage after Arafat”
The Imam explained that “for the remaining Ummah, not performing Hajj, we are instructed to pray the Eid prayers and slaughter animals for sacrifice and to glorify Allah(SWT) for the guidance and all the bounties he has bestowed on us.”
He admonished that Muslims are allowed to perform the sacrifice in two subsequent days and it is not compulsory to those who don’t have the means.
The Chief Iman commended the Nigerian government for it’s efforts in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic and distribution of palliatives to vulnerable Nigerians.
Price Control
The Islamic cleric also called on President Buhari to make effort to control prices of food items in the country.
The Eid-al Adha congregational prayer were held at the premises of the National Mosque Abuja.


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