Eid-el-Adha : Pharmacist cautions against over eating


An Pharmacist in Abuja, Mr Malachy Ugwu, has cautioned against over eating this festive period, saying overeating of any sort of food is dangerous to health.

Ugwu said that over eating results to negative reactions like induced purging and vomiting.

He explained that overeating habits mostly led to careless consumption of not well-prepared and unkempt foods.

“Many people, especially during festive periods tend to be careless about what they eat.

“They either forget to check what they eat or forget their kind of body systems hence they overeat; which causes some problems in their body,’’ Ugwu said.

The pharmacist called for restraint on the part of consumers during festive periods, noting that festive periods were transitory.

He urged people to be mindful of the volume and kind of food they eat, saying that healthy eating was paramount to healthy living.

“Having a negative self-image can also lead to anxiety, sexual and intimacy difficulties and an unnatural preoccupation with food and calories.

“Overeating, particularly when one overeats high-fat, high-calorie foods, can increase risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

“When obesity is the result of overeating; one is also at an increased risk of certain types of cancer, gall bladder disease, high cholesterol and sleep apnea.

“It might also lead to high blood pressure, which can contribute to an elevated risk of having stroke,’’ Ugwu said.

Bilkisu Pai