Eid-El-Kabir: Livestock prices crash in Gombe

Abdullah Idris, Gombe


With just three days to the Eid- El – Kabir celebration, livestock traders have slashed the prices of rams in Gombe state, North-Eastern Nigeria.

The Chairman Goats and Ships sellers Association, Gombe State Chapter, Musa Yunusa Isa, said this during a Market Survey conducted by Voice of Nigeria at some Livestock markets in Gombe.

“Every year comes with a different approach but we are hoping for price boost before Sallah day.

“Some years ago you will see troops of customers, some buy a week or two to Sallah but now you don’t see them, lark of money in the hands of buyers who may intend to buy Ram for sacrifice affected the business. 

“Also some customers are delaying until 2 to 3 days to Aallah so that the price of the livestock crashes more, but I don’t think that miracle will happen, because the animals are not much, as you can see Trailers are loading them moving to Southern parts of the country, that will cause livestock scarcity in North part, at the end of the day a Ship of N25,000 will be sold N35, 000; So we are expecting the price increase in two to three days to Sallah,” Musa said.

Poor patronage

At Pantami livestock Market the story had not changed.

The Chairman of the Goats and Ships Muhammed Usman Baba known as (Babainji) lamented the low turnout of customers, despite the scarcity of the livestock compared to last year.

Ahmadu Ibrahim, who sold a ram N98,000 at Pantami livestock Market said last year a type of that Ram was between N120,000 to N130,000.

He said as low as N10,000 a Muslim who intends to sacrifice a ship or Goat can get it for his sacrifice.

The news has changed because buyers like Malam Abdurrahman Abba who came to Pantami Market to buy Ram for his Sallah celebrations was so happy saying “this year’s livestock prices  are cheaper than last year.” 

A farmer Ahmed Babaji lamented this development, saying only what the middle class people produce causes price crash every day.

You have to sell 12 bags of 100 Kg of Maize before getting N70,000 but what produced by Major and small companies prices are always on the increase, that is not encouraging.”

Ahmed advised the government to carry out check and balance in prices of goods in markets so that locally produced items would have value.

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