Eid-el-Kabir: Prices of tomatoes, pepper rise in Kaduna

Baskets of tomatoes on display for sale at one of Nigeria's local markets

Ahead of Eid-el-Kabir celebration slated for Sunday, prices of tomatoes, pepper and onions have risen minimally at the Bakin Dogo market, Kaduna, Northern Nigeria.

A survey on Friday reveals that a big basket of tomatoes goes for N4,000 to N6,000 while a small paint bucket sells for N500 to N600 against N400 to N450 last week.

A bag of pepper goes for between N23,000 and N27,000 in the market while small paint buckets are sold at N1,000 to N1,200, while a bag of red bell pepper (tatashe) goes for N18,000 to N19,000 with a paint rubber bucket selling at N1500 against its recent price of N800 to N1,000.

The price of onion is also the same as a bag of old onion is sold at the rate of N10,000 while the new onion goes for N6,500 with a paint rubber going for N400.

Muzammil Musa, a tomatoes dealer, attributed the stable price to the availability of the tomatoes in the market.
“As you know, the prices of perishable food items like tomatoes, pepper and others are not fixed and they mostly increase during festive periods, but to God be the glory the story is not the same today.

“Tomatoes is everywhere in the market and you can get it at a fair price,”  he said.

Similarly Alhaji Husssaini Saje, Chairman vegetable market traders, Bakin- Dogo said prices of vegetables had slightly increased against last week and might also change before Sallah day.

“A 50kg bag of carrots goes for N3500 against N2, 000, 100kg bag of cabbage goes for N3, 000 against its former price of N2,500 and 30kg bag of cucumber goes for N4500 against its former price of N3,700.

“30kg bag of green beans was sold N2800 before, but has increased to N4,000 to N5,000 today and 50kg bag of green pepper cost N18,000- N20,000 against its former price of N4,000 to N5,000.

“Big Bundle of lettuce goes for N1,000, while small bundle goes for N350 against its former price of N600 and N150 respectively.

“A bag of green peas is now sold at N15,000 to N18,000 against its former price of N3,000”,  he said.

Saje mentioned that the unavailability of some vegetables in Kaduna was the root cause of the increase in their prices, saying items like green pepper and peas were brought from Plateau state.

Amaka E. Nliam