Endangered sea turtles hatched at port expansion project in Ghana


A total of 73 sea turtles were hatched at a Chinese-built port project in Ghana’s Tema on Wednesday. That is according to China Harbor Engineering Company Ltd (CHEC) .

The CHEC, a contractor of the Tema port expansion project where a major sea turtle hatching ground of West Africa is located, built a sea turtle hatchery in late 2017 in a bid to protect the vulnerable species.

The hatchery is situated in a quiet sandy beach with a conservation team on a 24-hour tour around to ensure the construction work had little effect on the sea turtles, which are quite sensitive to noise and artificial lights.

According to CHEC, they have signed an agreement with the Ghana Wildlife Society to have more professionals to instruct their protection work. Besides, they have also invited six local villagers to assist them in the sea turtle conservation.

The Tema port is the largest port in Ghana and it is heading to become a modern port in West Africa as the expansion project is coming to an end.