Entertainment don seeks welfare provision for Nigerians


Nollywood Entertainment and Leadership Awards (NELAS) spokesperson, Prof. Tobe Enebe, on Wednesday urged African governments to prioritise welfare of citizens during the Coronavirus  (COVID-19) lockdown.

Enebe, who is also a Medical Officer at Royal Infirmary Hospital, United Kingdom, gave this advice in Lagos.

It is very important that every one of us stay at home in order to save lives as we can see the rise in the spread of Coronavirus.

We need to stay at home so that people working at the frontline can concentrate and do their job properly.

“African governments especially Nigeria, with regards to the lockdown issued in their various countries should look into the welfare of their citizens.

“In Europe and America, there are structured systems that the governments are implementing to help the citizens that are actually staying at home.

“Many African countries have been affected by the virus outbreak and everyone is staying at home without a structured system by the government to help the situation.

“There are so many people out there in Africa that earns their living by selling on the streets. How are they expected to survive?

“There may be crisis as people may starve to death. The government should start taking measures to prevent such situation,” he said

He pleaded with the United Nations (UN) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) to intervene in Africa as regards the Coronavirus pandemic.

Enebe said that everyone should contribute their quota, with or without the government, by staying safe, taking precautions and helping the needy to curb the COVID-19 pandemic.