Environment issues need to be placed on front burner – NOSDRA


National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency says environment issues need to be put on the front burner.

NOSDRA believes earth-related issues should be put on the front burner as it has a key role in the battle against COVID-19.

Mr. Idris Musa, the Director-General of NOSDRA said this in a meeting with journalists in Abuja on Sunday.

“Whatever source the infection exuded from, be it land or water it is part of nature; there is the need to give close consideration to it and focus on it,” he said.

“You make nature favorable before some other thing can become an integral factor. That is only the message; we will continue pushing that nature must keep on being in the front line not in the heating surface, ” Idris said.

The D-G  said financing had been a significant challenge and explained that it was imperative to finance the sector satisfactorily to empower it for crises or pandemics.