Environmentalist decries indiscriminate refuse dumping in the FCT


Joseph Effiong, an environmentalist has decried the indiscriminate dumping of refuse in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Effiong said this in Abuja.

He expressed concern over the increase in illegal dump sites on FCT roads and indiscriminate dumping of refuse on drains and gutters.

The environmentalist explained that indiscriminate dumping of waste was responsible for blockage of drains thereby causing flooding when it rained in some areas.

According to him, I use to get worried on the way people dump their waste along the roads and gutters.

Even inside markets and public places, they are being lazy to dispose their garbage properly; people don’t have conscience any longer.

Our environment is made to be clean and healthy, but we don’t like doing the right thing. We need to protect our environment,” he said.

Effiong said that unclean environment could spread diseases and illness causing death to people.

He said that the country had weak environmental policies which left the environment unprotected.

Effiong urged the government as well as other relevant stakeholders to collaborate and strengthen the environmental protection laws.

Government and other relevant stakeholders should strengthen the environmental law and ensure that the laws are enforced and obeyed.

If anyone is caught dumping waste illegally such person should be punished. This is the only way our environment can be protected,” he said.

Effiong, however, advised the public to keep their environment clean to promote a healthy country.