Environmentalist seeks proactive measures to forestall flooding in Nigeria


An environmentalist, Lawal Rasheed, has called for proactive measures from the government and the public to forestall perennial flooding in the country.

Rasheed said that this had become imperative following the recurring incidents of floods in some states across the country.

The climate-change advocate and co-chairperson of the Advocate for Clean Climate and Environment (ACCE) made the appeal in Lagos.

The environmentalist said that the adoption of both preemptive and preventive measures would be necessary to mitigate the yearly flooding incidents in the country.

He said that the preventive actions should be geared toward forestalling incidents of extreme rainfall.

“Some of the preventive measures are the construction of drainage systems, canals, proper waste disposal, avoiding constructions on waste water channels and clearing the water ways,” he said.

He said the preemptive measures which is usually done during the rainy seasons should involve the government and private individuals.

Rasheed said that the preemptive measures should be embarked upon with seriousness as the rainy season commences.

“The preemptive measures should include the clearing of accumulated waste and sand from the drains and sewer systems, as well as the demolition of structures and shanties along the water ways.

“Ensuring that waste waters flow through the right channel and the mending of broken canal walls are also great preemptive measures.’’

He said that both the government and the individuals should regard the preventive and preemptive measures as their responsibilities.