Environmentalist stresses the need to take care of nature


An environmentalist and the President of the Lekki Urban Forest Animal Sanctuary LUFASI, Desmond Majekodunmi has called on Nigerians to have respect for nature and care for them as commanded by God in the scriptures.

Mr. Majekodunmi decried the continuous upsetting and wasting of nature which was meant to be given maximum care by human on the earth.

The environmentalist was speaking in Lagos during a press conference organized to unveil a poem written by Dr. Pamela Ajayi on how the human on earth has been causing so much damage to nature.

According to him, there is the need to create awareness to educate the general public on the need to look after nature.

He said every wild life has specific viruses they carry that can be transferred to human if they are not handled well.

“When you create abnormal conditions that were in Wuhan market, where by you have a bat from Mongolia together with pangolin from Nigeria, with squirrel from Indonesia together with turtle from Australia and all different kinds of wild live jam together inside cage, giving them tremendous stress where as they’re not supposed to come into contact with themselves in the wild.

Such abnormal conditions may lead to normal occurrence of viral manifestation which will invariably lead to global pandemic just as we are having now”. He said.

Mr. Majekodunmi wants everyone to follow the scripture of their religion which emphasized much on the roles humans are to play in the protection of nature and wild life.

He said unless people treat and respect nature the way that is commanded by God in the scriptures, the danger would become irreversible.

“In the two major scriptures that we have, the Bible and holy Koran, there’s no ambiguity. In the holy Koran, men are called calipha…which is caretaker while in the holy Bible, they are called the steward of creation.

God gave human being the mandate to care for the garden and then we are now destroying the garden. God is not mocked. Whatsoever a person sows, so surely shall he reap.

Our relationship with nature in Nigeria has not been good at all. Over ninety percent of our natural forest has been destroyed. We’ve also wiped out so many of our species causing tremendous pollution in the seas and rive-rine areas where we extract oils.

We are causing infanticide, that is hundreds and thousands of children have died as a result of oil spillage in that area. The oil spillage also wiped out the lives in the rive-rine, in the stream and everything.

We are actually causing a lot of damage to nature in Nigeria. How can we be expressing the love of God and be destroying his creations? Our attitude towards creation must change. You cannot be killing all the wild lives every corner, selling and eating them up. It is not good at all.” He stated.

Highlight of the event was the unveiling of a poem written by Dr. Pamela Ajayi on how the human on earth has been causing so much damage to nature.

The poem was later placed for competition where by the best interpreter will win a hundred thousand naira.


Cynthia Okere


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