Environmentalist tasks incoming governments on improved environmental sector


An Environmentalist, Mr Taiwo Adewole has called on incoming government at all levels to develop and focus on innovative strategies to improve the environment sector.

According to him, this will help boost the economy of the country.

Adewole, who is the Executive Director, Sustainable Waste Recycling Community of Nigeria, made the call in Lagos.

He decried the waste situation in most parts of the country, adding that there needed intervention and attention to improve it, especially in Lagos.

“The incoming government should lay emphasis on waste to wealth to see how the waste generated in the states could be converted to wealth through recycling, composting and waste to energy.

”Through waste, more competent investors, who have the technical know-how can come into the country and invest in our waste, thereby, creating employment and boosting economic growth.

“The waste situation in Lagos State still requires the attention of whoever is coming as the next governor, though there is a bit of improvement now compared to a former company was dropping waste bin in every junction and corner for waste collection.”

Adewole called for the setting up of drop-off material recovery facilities per local government, in partnership with the local government to create awareness on the recycling of waste to wealth.

“The new administration needs to set up drop-off centres and waste materials recovery facilities per local government in partnership with such a local government, Recyclers Association of Nigeria and the community leaders.

“In this case, all waste collected would be sorted into various categories for recycling.

“The waste and collection sorting hubs will empower youths and women in each communities where they are set up and the projects would pay the salaries and running of the hubs from the sales of collected and sorted waste.

“These projects can also create economic value and build the economy through environment, resource and energy conservation techniques and practice,” he said.

He called for more sensitisation on waste recycling and waste to wealth to generate increased income, reduce resource dependency and minimise waste to reduce environmental footprint.