Environmentalists advocate making Nigeria free from fossil fuel


Two environmentalists in Abuja have on Wednesday advised that a policy which would make Nigeria a fossil fuel-free environment should be initiated.

They said that the Nigerian government should borrow a leaf from some countries that are planning to have electric cars and solar energy by discouraging use of fossil fuels.

Dr Victoria Pillah, an environmentalist and the President, Soroptimist International, urged Nigerian governmentt to encourage use of renewable energy in the country. According to Pillah, this will go a long way in helping to reduce carbon footprint, also in achieving targets as signed in the Paris Agreement.

Mr. David Michael, the Executive Director, Global Initiative for Food Security and Ecosystem Preservation, an NGO, also spoke in the same vein.He urged the government to initiate a policy that would tax organisations and corporations that run their businesses and activities through fossil fuel generators.

Micheal added that government should give incentives to organisations that run on renewable energy.

‘‘We believe that such move by the Nigerian government will assist the country to reduce its carbon emissions.

Furthermore, we will like to see all relevant agencies of government in the environmental sector working in synergy to achieve the targets of the Paris agreement and Sustainable Development Goals,’’ he said.