Eritrea, Ethiopia in reconciliation agreements


The latest being reconciliation agreements between Ethiopia and opposition from the Afar and Gambella regions.

Eritrea continues its political diplomacy with respect to Ethiopia and opposition movements.

“The separate Reconciliation Agreements provide spell out frameworks for both movements to pursue their political objectives through peaceful means,” Eritrea information minister Yemane Meskel said.

Ethiopia’s Defence Minister, Aisha Mohammed and the Deputy President of Afar Region signed the agreement with the Afar Liberation Movement while ALM’s Chairman & the Head of Political Office were the co-signatories.

The Gambella agreement was signed by the President of Region and the Chairman of opposition movement, GPIM. Details of the said deals have yet to be made public.

This is the first such event this year even though about half a dozen deals were signed in 2018 after the Ethiopia.

Eritrea peace deal was signed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Eritrean president Isaias Afwerki.

Most of the peace talks Asmara has hosted involve Ethiopia’s federal and regional governments on one side and ex-rebels from the Oromia, Somali, Amhara and Tigray regions.

In the days of hostilities, Ethiopia and Eritrea routinely accused each other of habouring rebels.

Eritrea dismissed the claims whiles Ethiopia also announced arresting such rebel elements.

In the wake of peace, however, it has become clear that Eritrea did indeed host rebel groups even though Ethiopia has yet to mediate between Asmara and any rebel group.

Hauwa Mustapha