Ethiopia, China collaborate on afforestation initiative


Ethiopian and Chinese officials have on Saturday hailed their collaboration to achieve Ethiopia’s 4 billion trees planting project. As part of these joint efforts, a tree planting program was done on Saturday in the premises of the Ethiopia-Djibouti Railway main building which was attended by Chinese and Ethiopian officials.

In May, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed kicked off a mission to plant 4 billion trees across the country, in a bid to stop rising deforestation and help Ethiopia’s green economy strategy.

Tilahun Sarka, Director General of the Ethiopia-Djibouti Railway Share Company (EDRSC), said Ethiopia and China have worked together in various fields.The cooperation on the tree planting initiative serves as the latest example of expanding bilateral ties between the two nations.

Sarka is already the chief of the 756-km electrified rail project connecting landlocked Ethiopia to Djibouti, which officially started commercial operations in January 2018.

Zhang Zhenhai, General Manager of the CREC-CCECC Joint Venture, a management contractor of Ethiopia-Djibouti Railway, said his company is ready to help Ethiopia achieve its green economy strategy, including the 4 billion trees planting initiative.
He emphasized that China has its own green economy strategy which encompasses tree planting initiatives and commended Ethiopia for starting its own tree planting initiative.

Meanwhile, the 4 billion trees planting initiative has caught news headlines in Ethiopia for the general benefits it has for the country. Some are already envisioning the benefits of the initiative passing to future generations.