Ethiopia to expedite probes into alleged rights violations


Ethiopia’s Attorney General Adanech Abebe has pledged to speed up investigations of the recent rights violation allegation reported by the amnesty international.

The country had rejected the allegation by the international rights group as being a ‘biased’ report, which did not highlight and prove other sources.

Amnesty International alleged Ethiopia’s security forces of rights violations in two districts of the Amhara and Oromia Regional States and asked the Attorney General to respond within two weeks.

In her media briefing on Wednesday, Adanech Abebe said “Time limitation has hindered us to properly investigate the truth on the ground and respond to the report.”

She said it will be inappropriate to respond hastily, adding that “since the report has details, it will be crucial to respond with details.”

“Regarding the ongoing investigation, we are working to finalize a soon as possible,” she emphasised.

Inquiry team
An independent inquiry team has been deployed to every district to conduct investigations.

“If the finding of the report is factual based on the result of the investigation team, all necessary measures will be taken in compliance with the law on those rights violators, be it from the government side or from others,” she affirmed.

Adanech said “No one is above the law including the government officials”.

However, she said if the alleged report is refuted or exaggerated, Amnesty International has to accept the truth and correct its claim accordingly.

Amnesty International in its recent report accused Ethiopian security forces of incessant human rights violations, including extrajudicial executions and torture.


Olajumoke Adeleke