Ethiopia works towards boosting coffee exports to China

Coffee beans

The Ethiopian government is working hard towards boosting coffee  exports to China. According to Tatek Girma, Director of Market Development , exploiting the opportunity from the Chinese emerging market for Ethiopian coffee is one of the areas on which the East African country is focusing.

Though the Chinese market has the potential, the export to the country of Ethiopian coffee is very low, when it is compared to its export of the commodity to other countries and regions.

He said in addition to the traditional markets, mainly Europe, the U.S. and some Middle East countries, among others, Ethiopia is now focusing on the Chinese emerging market for the export of its organic coffee.

China imported around 4,000 tons of Ethiopian coffee last year, but its import of Ethiopian coffee shows an annual growth of around 16 percent, according to the Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association.

Reiterating that the country’s exporters previously focusing on the traditional market as far as coffee export is concerned, the Director of Market Development and Promotion at the Authority underlined the need to take the opportunity created by the ever increasing coffee consumption by the Chinese.

According to the Director, the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority encourages and provides support to exporters to promote and boost export of Ethiopian coffee to China and other overseas markets. This is done by facilitating platforms such as participation in expos and their side events for business to business (B2B) and government to business (G2B) meetings or dialogues that primarily aim at enhancing export performances of the country in the sector.

He further reiterated that events like the China International Import Expo in Shanghai serves as a good platform to creating networking and facilitating dialogues on business of export issues.

Stating that Ethiopia and China are enjoying good relation and also that China is an emerging market for coffee, Gizat Worku, General Manager of Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association, said Ethiopian exporters are working hard to expand the Chinese market for Ethiopian coffee.

The Association has been encouraging Ethiopian exporters to tap the potential of the Chinese market, the General Manager said, expressing his hope that China would be the largest importer of Ethiopian coffee in less than 10 years.