Ex beauty queen kicks against human trafficking


A former winner of Miss West Africa beauty pageant, Dr. May Ikeora says human trafficking remains an evil that every person in the society must try to stop.

The British-trained author and researcher in a new book titled, ‘Bilateral Cooperation and Human Trafficking’ posited that if allowed to fester, human trafficking had the capability of tearing families and societies apart.

Dr Ikeora says, “many young Nigerians are wasting away in foreign lands after being trafficked with the promise of finding better life in Europe, America and even Asia.”

Parental guidance
While urging parents to give proper guidance to their children, the former beauty queen also called on the Nigerian and state governments to work with international agencies to arrest the ugly situation.

She said, “Having seen first-hand what victims of trafficking have suffered in foreign lands, it is important for people to be educated on the dangers before falling prey to this scourge.

“My new work talks about bilateral relations and how Nigeria and Britain have cooperated so far to eradicate human trafficking. It also talks about trafficking in terms of what the problems are. It talks about the solutions that have been applied from the context of the source country and the destination country and what we should be doing going forward….I think that is necessary,” she explained.

Dr Ikeora added that she has worked with a lot of victims in the United Kingdom and seen how it has destroyed some people’s lives.


Newspaper/Mercy Chukwudiebere