Expert  advocates development of water bodies for economic growth


Dr. Tony Bello, Chief Executive Officer, H2A Foods Nigeria Ltd., has advised the Nigerian Government to develop the country’s water bodies in driving the implementation of Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP).

He urged the government to increase its investment in the areas of water management and conversion of agricultural waste to generate wealth.

Bello, who was a Senior Technical Adviser to a former Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr. Adewumi Adesina, said that the country’s water bodies are adequate to facilitate all round economic activities.“If we look at Nigeria’s agricultural space, the bodies of water we have are excellent resources but how are we leveraging on that to achieve all-year round agricultural production and productivity. That is where the opportunity is.

 I think the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan is a strategic vision and if well-harnessed, the sky is the limit, as it will open up Nigeria for business”, he said.

He stated that if the government gives more attention to economic growth”the  economic numbers will definitely improve in the country. So, I suggest that the Federal Government should focus its investments on the areas of water management, generating renewable energy with what we have and transforming agricultural waste into wealth.

 Also, let us leverage our knowledge on how to use biogas that comes out of agricultural waste for cooking,’’ he added.

Bello also noted that although Nigeria has a great potential to go into solar energy development and application, solar energy is, nonetheless, not properly utilized as an alternative source of power in the country.

He called for a strong collaboration between the government and the private sector in efforts to develop and harness all the energy resources of the country.“Let us harvest that solar energy but in a structured and targeted manner, with private-sector involvement; this should not be solely handled by the government but it should facilitate the development of solar energy,’’ he said.

ERGP was launched on March 7, 2017 and its objectives are to restore Nigeria’s economic growth, while building a competitive economy and investing in Nigerians via social inclusion, job creation and youth empowerment schemes, among others.