Expert advocates PPP to improve healthcare delivery


A medical expert, Professor Lanre Adeyemo, says that Public Private Partnership (PPP) will improve outcomes in the nation’s healthcare delivery and cushion the effect of poor funding in the sector.

Adeyemo is the Deputy Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee (DCMAC), Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), in Lagos state.

He said that Nigerians would have more confidence in hospitals in Nigeria when they begin to see better healthcare services and outcomes.

According to him, improved outcomes will be realised if there is adequate investment in healthcare delivery because ‘healthcare is very expensive anywhere in the world’.

“Though, about 70 per cent of the funds that go into healthcare delivery comes from the government, hospitals and other public institutions are still poorly funded. So, PPP is advocated as a means to cushion the effect of poor funding thereby improving the quality of healthcare delivery”, he said.

According to him, the public hospitals that are working is actually because of PPP.

“That means the private individuals will bring in the resources and establish, and we will have facilities running functionally all day round. Apart from PPP, you also have what is called joint-venture, you have more like a company; it is a joint venture between the institution and a private partnership and they share the profit,’’ he said.

Adeyemo said that in LUTH, “our blood bank is a PPP initiative and it is working round the clock. PPP is more like a win-win situation that should be encouraged.”

Adeyemo urged non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to invest their resources in the healthcare sector for improved health outcomes.