Expert calls for Promotion of agric waste-to-wealth projects


An agricultural expert, Mr. Tunji Owoeye has on Friday urged the government to provide an enabling environment for potential investors to invest in agricultural waste-to-wealth projects.

Owoeye, the Managing Director, Elephant Group Plc. noted that a lot of agricultural waste could be converted into useful products via money-spinning ventures if potential investors are sure of getting good returns on their investment.

“Investors are looking for an enabling environment that could safeguard their investments in any sector.

For investors to be attracted to invest in agricultural waste conversion projects, they want to be assured of the viability of their investment, he said.

Owoeye said that the protectionist policies could be in the form of tax relief for pioneer companies, among others, adding that the policies would go a long way to encourage potential investors to set up agricultural waste conversion projects.

He also said that agricultural waste recycling projects were currently undertaken at minor levels, adding, however, that more efforts could be put into the process.