Expert calls for proper training of local farmers


A poultry consultant, Mr Adewale Ademiloye, says local poultry farmers need to be adequately trained in order to avoid frequent outbreak of poultry disease in the country.

Ademiloye spoke during an interview with the News men in Lagos.

Poultry farmers in Nigeria have their share of battles with poultry diseases, with attendant losses to their businesses.

Ademiloye said there was no short cut to preventing outbreak of common poultry diseases, but the proper training local farmers.

There is no shortcut to these things. Poultry farmers in the country need proper poultry education to manage their farms and keep them disease-free,” he said.

The consultant said that prospective poultry farmers should not only consider the monetary gain, but the need to seek adequate training before embarking on it as a business venture.

“Someone who just lost his job or has interest in poultry should not just go ahead to set up a poultry farm.

‘’Most local farmers just care enough to set up a farm and run a business, but do not know what to do when there is a disease outbreak,” he said

Ademiloye also tasked poultry farmers on the need to vaccinate the birds early, and the practice of Bio-security (a practice that involves isolation, traffic control and sanitation in local poultry farms) to avert disease outbreaks.

“Proper vaccination of chicks and continuous Biosecurity are two major ways of preventing Poultry disease outbreak,” he said.

He stressed the need for poultry farmers to consult regularly with veterinary doctors in order to forestall disease outbreak.

“The farmer should work closely with veterinary doctors to prevent poultry disease and its spread on their farms,” he said


Arinze A