Expert seeks intervention on locust beans production


Mrs. Adebola Ademilua, a member of America Chemical Society (ACS), has called on the Nigerian government to support production of locust beans. Ademilua made the call in Ibadan while speaking on the economic and health importance of locust beans.

Ademilua, a member of Women in Forestry at Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria (FRIN), is also a chemist and medical science educator.

She advised the government to assist in the production of locust beans because of its added value to both nutrition and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders such as ulcer and diarrhea.

“Nigeria needs to focus more on high quality production of locust beans so as to stop the importation of some raw materials that can be locally substituted using locust beans,” she said.

Ademilua said that locust beans could generate enough income for the country.

She stressed that it was the right time for Nigeria to improve and invest in the production of locust beans, so as to stop the importation of to copherol (Vit. E) which could be gotten from locust beans.

” Locust beans is one of the crops that should be considered because Nigeria is a global leader in its production. The country needs to increase its production,” she said.

Ademilua said that with enough quantity of locust beans which could be substituted for imported tocopherol, Internally Generated Revenue would be improved and more employment opportunities would be created

She also said that lowering the production cost would ensure that the product is sold at a price that could take care of the production cost and also have good profit.

Ademilua also noted that with proper training and improved agronomic practices now, locust beans could find its way into the global market.



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