Expert urges Nigerian government to invest more in renewable energy


As part of efforts to boost investment opportunities in Nigeria, the Managing Director, FullRiver Limited, Mr Mike Nwanegbo has called on government to attract more private investors into the renewable energy sector.

He said investing in renewable energy would accelerate access to sustainable energy for Nigerians.

Nwanegbo said the demand for renewable energy skills were growing globally, and that experts in the field needed financial backing to grow the sector.

He therefore urged the government to fund projects in the sector to encourage more participants in the area.

Renewable energy is a fundamental and growing part of the world’s ongoing energy transformation. Governments all over the world are turning to renewable energy. The Nigerian government should also invest more in this energy to bridge the gap in grid energy,” he said.

According to Nwanegbo, solar energy could help address climate change and increase standard of living of rural dwellers.

He explained that the country’s power challenges could be addressed by the various renewable energy providers if all hands were on deck.

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