Expert wants bee keeping included in Anchor Borrowers’ Programme


An Agricultural Economist, Mr. Bidemi Oyeleye, has called on the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to add bee keeping and other produce to the Anchor Borrowers’ scheme.

Oyeleye, Chief Executive, Centre for Bee Research and Development, Ibadan, made the call in Lagos state, South-West, Nigeria on Wednesday.

According to him, the procedure for inclusion of more produce should be accelerated to position the country as a net exporter of agricultural produce.

Oyeleye, who is the President of the Federation of Bee keepers Association of Nigeria (FEBKAN), said that the bee sector had the potential to grow the economy.

He said that although the CBN weighs a produce before its inclusion, the bee sector if encouraged, is capable of reducing importation of bee products.

He noted that bees had a wide variety of important products .Honey bees are also one of the most important pollinators of both wild and domestic plants.

The honey bees visit more flowering plant species, including many native plants.