Expert wants improvement in snail value chain


The Federal Government has been adviced to establish snail value chain that would boost the country’s economy through export of snail slime extraction to earn forex.

Ukonu Ukonu, CEO of Dynapharm International, who gave the advice in Ibadan, saying export of snails and its by-products was a gold mine waiting to be tapped.

He said that clusters of snail farmers should be established by government in different local government areas and their stocks bought by government agencies at harvest and supplied to interested buyers.

We can guide the government in this regard; make arrangement on sending people to Europe, so they can learn firsthand what can be gotten from snail value chain.

“We are sitting on gold mine as far as snail value chain is concerned; through the value chain we can boost the nation’s economy through snail slime extraction to earn forex.

“Exporting snail meat for forex, also snail farmers will boost tax revenue, among others these will surely improve the economy when tapped into,” he said.

Ukonu said that snail farming was highly profitable from primary produce to the raw by-products and to the final products.

Snail is a natural blood tunic which is good for everyone as it cures numerous diseases to blood circulatory system.

“The shells are used for livestock feeds as major calcium source and also in our toothpastes; more money is made from snail by-products: serum, slime and mucin, than the meat itself.

“One litre of low quality snail slime is sold for 40 euros and it’s used to produce high quality cosmetics such as for skin repairing, stretch mark/wrinkle fighter, hypertensive drugs and cough syrup.

“Also, snail therapy is key to taking care of stress at the end of each day’s work.”