Expert: Waste recycling can check pollution, environmental degradation


An Environmental Analyst, Mr Godwin Osondu, on Thursday, described waste recycling as an efficient source of revenue generation and means to prevent pollution and environmental degradation in the country.

Osondu, a Managing Partner of Vasion Concept Environment Services, made the assertion on the sideline of the Constituency Stakeholder’s Meeting in Lagos.

He decried the attitude of Lagos residents to refuse disposal, saying that proper waste management by households could curtail the problem of arbitrary disposal of toxic waste and pollution in the state.

“Most of the materials and waste products that cause flooding in the state can be recycled.

“Some of the waste materials that cannot be recycled which constitute hazards to the environment can be banned from usage in the country.

“Some countries have prohibited the usage of nylon and other materials that constitute hazards to the environment; the Nigerian Government can take such decision,’’ he said.

Osondu, therefore, stressed the need for restoration of the monthly environmental sanitation exercise in Lagos State, as a way to encourage cleanliness of the environment.

He advised Lagos residents to be conscious of the environment and carefully manage their waste to prevent random disposal of domestic waste causing environmental hazards.

Awareness needed

Osondu called for massive awareness campaign on waste disposal to educate the residents on the need for self-discipline and human behavior.

For the households, they should have refuse collection bags or septic tanks for the waste at the front of their homes.

“The public needs to desist from the ugly act of random disposal of waste into the drainage channels.

“Residue needs to be channeled into the effluent treatment plants where it will be treated and re-used and this could form an additional source of income.

“The safety of the environment is a collective responsibility of everyone in the society and should not be left to the government alone. We must work together for the interest of our society,” he said.

Osondu advised households to obey environmental regulations to help the government actualise its efforts in ensuring a safe and healthy environment.