Experts advocate effective policy implementation to boost arts sector

Cynthia Okere, Lagos

The Erelu of Lagos, Abiola Dosumu has called on the policy makers in the country to look deep and formulate policies that will empower the people and sustain it.
She frowned at the way policies die when there is change of governance saying that governance should be continual.
Erelu who was speaking in Lagos during the Ben Enwonwu eleventh lecture also wants the youths to know that wealth is not instant but comes after training and hard work.
She called on the youths to be patience and go through some training before craving for wealth urging them to shun the habit of cutting corners.
”Any policy that is for human empowerment must not be allowed to die because there is a change in governance. There should be continuity of policies irrespective of power instabilities. A lot needs to change if this country must experience tremendous progress.
“The youths of these days just believed wealth should be instant forgetting that wealth has stages. You must continue to work and persevere because everything has a process. If you don’t believe process has anything to do with way of life, you lose the values,” she stated.

The Organiser of the event and the current President Society of Nigerian Artists, Oliver Enwonwu said lack of orientation has made it difficult to resolve some conflicts in recent times saying there is need for more awareness.

According to him, people need to know why they should tolerate and respect the various cultures in the land to enhance peaceful consistence saying that creative and visual art should be part of school curriculum.
He called on government and well meaning Nigerians to help build a national gallery of art where the country can display their rich art works.

The theme for this year’s eleventh Ben Enwonwu Foundation Lecture is ‘Art: An Instrument for Peace, Conflict Resolution and Socio-Economic Transformation.