Experts seek banking support for agro-export business


Dr John Isemede, a Lecturer at the University of Benin, says banks have the greatest role to play in export business to grow the agriculture sector and create wealth for the nation.

Isemede, who teaches Business Administration in the university, made the assertion in Abuja, at the Agriculture Summit Africa organised by Sterling Bank Nigeria Ltd.

The theme of the summit is: “Agriculture, your piece of the Trillion Dollar Economy “.

There is need to give stakeholders, universities, research institutes and government officers targets for the exportation of our goods and services, that way the country will benefit a lot from agriculture.”

He said that there were lots of things the country could export, for instance, “we have lots of yams, cocoa, cassava and other agricultural produce but we have abandoned them”.

There is need for people to be trained on how to export because there are so many things involved before it can be successful.”

Yosola Onanuga, the Executive Director , NICERT Group, said the reason Nigeria could not export was because the safety of the food was being questioned

There is need to know how the laws and regulations involved in exporting agricultural produce.

“ If we are going to send food out, we need to have some policies in place to certify that the food is well packaged under hygienic environment,” she said.

Rajesh Gaggar, Head Lekki Operation, Dufil Prima Food PLC, said “ there is need to put our house in order and take care of the challenges facing exports.

If challenges such as road, other infrastructure, security are not working, we may not be able to achieve a lot in exporting our agricultural products.

“We must look inward to see how to help to make exporting business successful,” he said.