Experts task government on renewable energy

Ekene Okafor, Lagos

R-L: The CEO, Solonic Energy Olu Adenodi during the inauguration of a 15KVA off-grid power system constructed by the company, in Lagos, with him is Mr Peter Ewemen.

The Nigerian government has been urged to support citizens through loans and other financial assistance to afford renewable energy to achieve healthy environment.

A renewable energy expert and the Chief Executive Officer, CEO, Solonic Energy Limited, Mr Olu Adenodi made the call at the official inauguration of a 15KVA off-grid power system constructed by the company, in Lagos.

Off-grid works by generating electricity from solar panels and using it to charge a solar battery via a charger controller.

The 15KVA off-grid power system was constructed to generate energy from the sun to power an office of a two story building.

Climate change
The Energy expert said that the only way to overcome the climate change ravaging the country was to embrace renewable and clean energy instead of hazardous sources of energy.

According to him, the carbon monoxide emitting from generators and cars into the atmosphere had resulted in climate change.

He said that financial institutions could be approached to grant interested individuals soft loans to afford the renewable energy, while they pay back on instalments.

 “We must achieve a neat and healthy environment where people’s lives will not be threatened by the carbon monoxide polluting the environment with our generators and other hazardous sources of lighting.

 “Nigerians are tired of the challenges of estimated bills and other lighting problems; it is high time we embrace renewable energy. The only challenge with this is that it is not cheap, though the energy from the sun is free, the equipment to tap it for use is not cheap,” he said.

Adenodi urged the Government to stabilise the national grid so that excess energy generated in the country could be absorbed by the grid.

“As a company, we are approaching banks so that we can install the renewable energy for individuals and companies, while they pay back on instalments,” he said.

He said that the company had proven its worth as it had constructed solar energy for banks, State governments in Lagos, Sokoto, Borno, Ogun, Delta, Rivers, among others.

“We have constructed solar energy for 11 branches of the Zenith Bank across the country, for the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH)’s emergency, surgical wards and other wards.

“Each of this solar energy we constructed has a life span of 25 years which is worth venturing into,” he explained.

The Managing Director of Solonic Energy, Mr Peter Ewemen advised the Nigerian Government to give absolute support to the growth of renewable energy.

Ewemen said that Nigeria’s energy generating capacity was at 5000 mega watts and was too low to serve the population.

According to him, “lack of access to uninterrupted power supply had hindered the development and growth of the nation”.

He said the inaugurated off-grid power system was made of 36 panels of 360 watts each, while 11,880 energy capacities were generated.

Ewemen added that the offices would only consume 7,500 watts leaving the left over for others to use.


Sammie Idika