FAAN disinfects airports to curb spread of COVID-19


The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) at the closing of all international airports in Nigeria to traffic except for emergencies and essential services and the voluntary reduction or suspension of domestic operations, has commenced disinfecting some of its major gateways.

The lull in air travel has availed the airport managers the opportunity to disinfect its airports unhindered by the usual traffic.

It also helps reduce the stead of the dreaded COVID-19 virus that has affected all sectors of the economy including air transport and its auxiliaries.

At the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, some airport officials clad in face masks and gloves were disinfecting the Immigration Portals, the primary and secondary screening areas, quarantine stand, Nigeria Custom Service among others.

A top official of FAAN who spoke said it was an exercise that will be replicated all over the airports, domestic and international and despite the close of the airports, the opportunity to ensure this is done cannot be overlooked.

 “COVID-19 thing is so bad, and we need to do this for the safety of staff who use the airport and travelers who takeoff from here, no one is invulnerable.

As I speak to you, this disinfecting is being replicated some may not be immediate or today but rest assured it will happen.”

Suzan O


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