‘Face of Agric Nigeria’ – Reality show to berth soon


A Lagos based firm, Kairos Events and Entertainment on Wednesday, announced its first Agriculture reality television show in Nigeria.

Ibinabo Dixon, Corporate Affairs Director said this in a statement made in Lagos.

The reality show themed “Face of Agric Nigeria (FOAN) 2020,” Is a concept aimed at changing the narrative of youths in their lackluster attitude towards agriculture.

She described it as an `Agritainment’ show.

FOAN is an agritainment project and the first of its kind. It is a strategic project to be used as a tool to attract the Nigerian youths into agriculture putting in view the youths interest in entertainment-related projects.

The event targets Nigerian youths resident in the urban centers, aged 18-32, a total of 48 contestants are selected from the six geo-political zones in Nigeria.

These 48 contestants would be housed in a boot camp for 90 days. Participants would be put through the technological know-how in various agricultural practices from ground to the final consumer and hopefully they will become proficient,” she said.

Ibinabo said that FOAN 2020 would proselytise business and economic opportunities, both local and international, and would encouraged community development and cultural exchange amongst the participants.

She said that another objective of project FOAN was to support the government in achieving exceptional milestone in agriculture which would have profound effect on the growth of the economy.

Ibinabo said that the firm was going to employ entertainment as a platform to attract optimal number of the Nigerian youths in the urban centers to engage in agricultural practices.

She said that the average Nigerian youths living in the urban areas believe that agricultural practices are meant for the rural dwellers, even those who studied agriculture related courses in the higher institutions do not want to practice.