Failed policies caused your problems – US embassy replies Zimbabwe


The US embassy in Zimbabwe has been posting tweets about the ongoing protest march in the capital, Harare, against sanctions imposed by the US and EU.

The Zimbabwean government says the sanctions – which target individuals and companies – have cost the country billions of dollars in lost revenue as it battles shortages of basic supplies such as fuel, power and water.

The US embassy, however, says failed economic policies and corruption were among the causes of Zimbabwe’s problems.

One of its latest tweets is a photo of a local newspaper with a headline quoting President Emmerson Mnangagwa in January 2018 saying, Zimbabweans should stop complaining about sanctions.

It quotes him saying, in the Shona language, that “we said sanctions set us back, but right now we cannot continue crying about sanctions. With what we have, if we unite, we will rise. Our country will rise.”