Falcons coaches to be paid from FIFA W/Cup prize money


The Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) says it will pay the incoming coaches of the Falcons from the prize money garnered from the 2019 FIFA World Cup held in France.

According to ‘The Guardian,’ part of money ($238,000) had already been deducted by FIFA as its expenses in sorting out the players when they embarked on protest over non-payment of wages at the World Cup venue.

The balance of $762,000 would be used to pay the salary of the incoming foreign coach.

“The players are entitled to 30 percent of the money, but their protest at France 2019 cost $238,000,” a source within the NFF said.

FIFA has already deducted its money, and we are going to use the balance to pay salary of the new foreign coach,” the official stated.

The Falcons reached the second round – the first time in 20 years the Nigerian team would hit the knock-out stages.