FAO presents report on food insecurity in northern Nigeria

Ene Okwanihe, Abuja


The report of the March 2018 Cadre Harmonise (CH) Analysis aimed at collating data to help tackle the issues of Nutrition and food insecurity in Northern region of  Nigeria has been presented to stakeholders in Abuja Nigeria’s Capital.

The Country Representative of the food and Agriculture and Organisation of the United Nation (FAO) Suffyan Sanusie Koroma during the presentation ceremony explained that the analysis provides data for proper interventions by government and Donor agencies and organisations in the areas most affected by malnutrition and food insecurity

He called on all stakeholders to ensure that measures are taken to implement the recommendations of the findings of the analysis in Nigeria.

 “I would like to welcome all of you and request the decision makers and donors present here to respond to the immediate actions that are needed to address the recommendations emanating from the outcomes of the present analysis which we hope will be required to ensure that food and nutrition security of the most vulnerable people are effectively addressed”, he said

Mr. Koroma stated that the FAO would continue to provide technical support for the regular conduct of the CH exercise and for possible expansion to other states and regions in the country.

“The FAO will continue to provide the needed technical support for the regular conduct of the CH analysis, as well as the planned expansion of the process to other states not covered in the country in collaboration with partners and governments at both federal and the state level”, he explained.

He noted that Nigeria had been acknowledged to have taken the lead in the Cadre Harmonise process in the region despite the fact that it came on board of the process quite late.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Nigeria who was represented by the Director of Operations Dr. Bright Wategire said the findings of the CH analysis was very important as it helps government and relevant stakeholders plan adequate interventions.

He added that the Ministry would continue to support initiatives that are geared towards improving national and household food security and sustainable livelihood in the country.

The Cadre Harmonisé (CH) is a current regional framework data collation programme aimed at preventing food crisis by identifying affected populations and proffering appropriate measures to improve their food and nutrition security.

The Cadre Harmonise analysis covered 16 states in the Northern region and the FCT.


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