Farm produces tiger nut flour as alternative to sugar


ChiTola farms said it has produced tiger nut flour as an alternative for sugar. The Chief Executive Officer of the farm, Ms. Chioma Tolani Roberts, popularly known as Chi Tola said in Lagos.

The farm produced the flour in line with the Nigerian government’s drive for value addition in agricultural products for export.

Roberts said that the production of ChiTi Tiger-nut Flour with value addition was necessary to make agribusiness thrive to become the mainstay of the country’s economy and a major foreign exchange earner.

According to Roberts, as more Nigerians are becoming health conscious of their diets, tiger nut flour is a sure way to do so because of its natural sugars.

Roberts urged Nigerians to start considering the tiger nuts flour as source of fibre, which could serve as a good alternative to wheat flour for people who could not tolerate gluten in their diets.

She said that tiger-nut flour when mixed with other flour-like maize, could be “very tasty and it is considered good flour and it does not lose any of its nutritional properties after the milling process.’’

Robert said that the agriculture sector was a major employer of labour hence the needed support from government to drive value addition across all its sections.