Farmers decry pest invasion of farmlands in Borno


Irrigation farmers in Borno have decried pest infestation ravaging their farmlands in the ongoing dry season.

They also called on government to provide modern preservation technologies for enhancing, processing and reducing damage to perishable produce.

Mr. Usman Ali, a tomato grower said that pests invading tomato, cucumber and water melon has caused serious damage to the plants.

  “We the farmers buy chemicals in the open market to spray the plants and control the pest.

We buy chemical at exorbitant prices in these markets and spray in the farms to control the pest and these have caused heavy drains in our pockets,’’ he added.

Mr. Hassan Muhammad, the Chairman of the Farmers Association in the area, disclosed that about 100 hectares of farmlands were cultivated by farmers this dry season.

He also noted that pest infestation and lack of preservation technologies were some of the major challenges facing perishable crops.