FCTA loses N2.1bn to debtors on outdoors advertisement

Hudu Yakubu, Abuja 


The Authority of the Nigerian Federal Capital Territory Administration(FCTA), says it has lost over two points one billion naira to debtors on Outdoor Advertisement and Signages, DOAS, practioners within the city.

The Director of DOAS, Dr Babagana Adam made the disclosure while embarking on an enforcement exercise within the nation’s capital, on Tuesday in  Abuja.

The Director who explained that they have called for reconciliation and recovery, noted that only twenty four out of the ninety six of the practitioners appeared before them.

He said that due to lack of response from the practitioners, the department were of the view that virtually 70 to 72 percent of them were either not functioning or were not longer practitioners.

Dr Adam stated that they were considering pulling down and removing all the Signages that were tagged.

While noticing that there are almost one hundred and forty seven of such Signages within the FCT, he stated that they have so far removed eighteen and are now looking at the possibility of getting heavy duty equipment to remove other big one.

” Our call to malls, hotels, shops, banks, restaurants is for them to come to DOAS and pay their bills, and also do their registration and not body will touch their Signages,” he stated .

He pointed out that one of their desire is to transform Abuja to be one of the well maintained and sustained city in the world.

The DOAS boss solicited the support of the media to educate and enlighten to general public on the need to stick by the laid down rules and regulations guiding the department in the FCT.

While reiterating the call for the practioners to pay for the Signages they are displaying, he noted that it was the money realise from such practice that were use in providing basic infrastructure to the residents of the FCT.

“We have alot of insiders, corrupt practioners that we are trying to clean, you know there is a lot of collaborators both within and outside. You know we have challenge of coniever between the practioners and our staff in ensuring that alot of things do not go well,” he explained.

Adam who stressed that going forward the department will recruit people and train them so that all the leakages in carrying out the operation are block, added that they are also working in synergy with all the six area councils with the mission to collect and remit the revenue collected from such practice in one pot.

He said so far their partnership with the Area councils had enable them to exceeded their last year quarter by about four millions naira.

“Last year 2018, DOAS was able to general N166m, as I’m speaking to you now, DOAS has hit the target on N194 millions. So when you look at it we are far above our last quarter and when I took over three months of my taking over for the year, they have only generated N86 naira and as of today over N120 millions and as we speak with you people are paying,  so for me it is a great achievements to me if we can raise N120 millions within three months with little resource”,  Adam added.

He re-echoed that they will continue to carry out the enforcement exercise with the aim of achieving the desire goals of Abuja being one of the best cities in the world by ensuring that standardization and regulations is enforce.

Peace PIAK