FCTA to raid over 500 Parks for ‘nefarious’ acts

Hudu Yakubu, Abuja 

  1. No fewer than 500 Parks and Gardens in the Federal Capital City (FCC) would be raided and purged from illegal structures and nefarious activities.

The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), through the Department of Development Control and the Department of Parks and Recreation, had commenced the move to end the sales and consumption of alcohol and drugs in parks and gardens within the Federal Capital City, FCC.

The intensive cleanup operation, which kicked off in the wake of increasing insecurity in the nation’s capital city, is seen as a subtle measure to tackle the menace.

Illegal structures
Voice of Nigeria gathered that the exercise, which started early this week at Wuse, Zone 6 and continued in Wuse, Zone 5, saw the removal of all illegal structures in all the parks and gardens located in Abuja Nigeria’s capital city.

Consequently, illegal structures in Wuse Zone 5 and 6, in 11 gardens and parks, which include, Unique Park, Surich Park, Covenant Favour Park, Tikus Garden, Excellence Park, among others, were removed.

Speaking to journalists on the exercise, the Director, Parks and Recreation Department, Ali Ukele, decried said people who live near the Parks and Gardens have complained about noise pollution and insecurity in the areas.

Mr Ukele frowned at operators of parks and gardens which he said have turned the areas into business and residential areas.

While noting that intoxicating beverages and drugs are not allowed in the parks, the Director stated that the exercise would also lead to the end of the abuses.

According to him, “most of the activities being carried out in Parks and Garden are wrong ones; these places are for relaxation and not for selling of intoxicating beverages or hard drugs.

“The exercise is going to be comprehensive and no illegal place will be spare for any reason. We have been holding meetings with the operators against the act.

“There are some park operators that have approved allocations but a lot of them don’t have so if you don’t have and you are operating illegally, this operation will also catch up with you.

“We have shanties where people are sleeping within the parks and you can see all sort of things in the Parks, there are laundry services and all sort of shanty related activities, so we can’t allow the trend to continue.

“There are security threats because people sleep in Parks, and we have complaints from residents, because people come from parks and then rob or disturb them in the night, then disappear into the parks, so this is the issue”.


Sammie Idika