FCTA vows to subject all aged buildings to integrity test  

By Hudu Yakubu, Abuja
Authority of the Nigerian Federal Capital Territory Administration, FCTA, has vowed to subject all aged buildings around the metropolis to a rigorous integrity test, as part of precautionary measure to prevent building collapse in the Territory.
The Co-ordinator,  Abuja Metropolitan Management Council,  (AMMC), Umar Shaibu stated this while presenting an interim report on a former hotel building that collapsed in the early hours of Tuesday, at Gimbiya  street of the nation’s capital, Abuja, Nigeria.
He said the deserted three-storey building collapsed without casualties which was the reason for subjecting buildings in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) to compulsory integrity test.
Shaibu said the test was not just over due, but very necessary to prevent reoccurring incidences of building collapse.
Integrity test would be conducted on aged buildings in and around the city metropolis so as to enable us identify which building should be reconstructed or rehabilitated,”he said.
The Co-ordinator who noted that many developers have failed to obey the council’s earlier directives to conduct integrity test on all buildings abandoned for over three years mentioned that only 8 developers have complied with the directives for the integrity test.
He vowed that the council was going to enforce the order to the later.
While commenting on the collapsed building, he explained that the developers did not stick to the details in the redecoration order which the council issued to them,  but went ahead to illegally evacuate Column Bases erected on the structure.
“The developer will be sanctioned for undertaking a major rennovation  work without seeking for approval from Development Control Department and exceeding the scope of work issued to him in the redecoration.”
He said the developer hoarded the premises to prevent access and concealed on-going works on it.
Shaibu adds that sudden crumbles on the structure signifies an overload on the structure and exceeds the loading capacity.
Lateefah Ibrahim