FIFA in discussions to change summer transfer window dates


Cobblers chairman Kelvin Thomas expects FIFA to make changes to this summer’s transfer window so clubs and players can focus on finishing the current season.

The transfer window is traditionally scheduled for the summer months, around the end and start of the season, but it will have to be adjusted this year following the unprecedented impact of the coronavirus.

The current season is on hold until April 30 and could well be played to a finish in June and July, which could force the summer transfer window, due to open on June 10, to be pushed back or extended.

FIFA, the world football’s governing body, is chairing a working group on the issue but has yet to reach a decision on whether to delay or extend the next window.

“From what I understand FIFA have got a couple of working parties together,” said Thomas. “I think one of them is talking about getting football started again and the other one is talking about the employment law and the contract situation.

“I think part of that conversation will have to be about the transfer window and I would say that at the higher level – the Premier League, the PFA and the FA – will have to have that conversation and they will be having it right now.

They’re talking about how the transfer window will be impacted and that’ll all be about when the season starts and finishes because it’ll be very difficult if you’re playing games in the middle of a transfer window and at the end of a season when players are either out of contract or not.

“It’s going to be very challenging but I believe there are conversations happening with regards to that.”

Should the current campaign be concluded in the summer, Thomas feels next season will need to be delayed to allow plays to rest and recover.

“Welfare-wise, we have to make sure there’s a physical rest for players between the seasons,” he added.

“That’s going to be another challenge because all of a sudden, when we do start again, we’ll have nine games plus the play-offs so the players will have to be fit for that before they rest ahead of the next season.

“You can’t go into another season straight off the back of this one.”