Flood Control: National Water Resource Institute to construct flood marks


Nigeria’s National Water Resource Institute (NWRI) has resolved to construct flood marks in flood prone areas across the country.

The Executive Director of the institute, Prof. Emmanuel Adanu, made the disclosure at a stakeholders workshop on the construction of flood marks in Kaduna state

He said that the step was necessary in preventing disaster due to flood.

Adanu called on government to focus more on preventing disasters than managing it in order to save human, material and financial resources.

According to him, flooding is a natural phenomenon that the human race must put up with, but added that it must be managed effectively to the benefit of the people.

Adanu explained that flood marks are like mile posts from one town to another which tells people how far they have travelled as well as the remaining distance they still have to cover before they get to their destination.

“The year 2012 was a unique one for Nigerians because it was recorded as a year with the highest level of flooding Nigeria ever had.

“It was considered 60, 80 and a 100 year return period in some locations in the country. So, we are using that as a standard benchmark.

“We are going to have mark posts all over the country along flood plains and then mark the levels of flood we have had so far, and then we will graduate it down, or up from green to yellow and red.

“It should be noted that not all flood have negative impact as the first flood was intended to clean the earth of human iniquities,” he stated.

Peace PIAK