FNS 2019: Nigerian must trade food for other resources

Mazino Dickson, Abuja

Dr. Mima Nedelcovych (CEO, Africa Global Schaffer, Washington DC. speaking at the 2019 Feed Nigeria Summit held in Abuja

For Nigeria’s agricultural sector to move from a subsistence level to a commercially viable one, it must learn how to process food so it can trade them for other resources.

Dr. Mima Nedelcovych CEO, Africa Global Schaffer, Washington DC, said this at the 2019 Feed Nigeria Summit held in Abuja.

Instead of trading raw food for processed food, learn how to process the food so you can trade food for other resources.

You can’t trade banana for banana.”

Nedelcovych, who doubles as the Senior Advisor, Initiative for Global Development (IGD), noted that governments at all levels must re-position agriculture by channeling funds towards infrastructure such as effective transport networks, storage facilities and technology.

Industrialization is important in food trade,” Nedelcovych said.

More Investment

Wilma Aguele CEO Wilbahi Investment Ltd

Wilma Aguele (MD/CEO Wilbahi Investment Ltd), said it was necessary to ensure there was an equalization of amenities available in urban areas because the bulk of Nigerian farmers and agricultural resources are domiciled in the rural communities.

She also stressed on the need to ensure food security for all.

We must learn to look out for each other, We must learn to treat others the way we want to be treated, lets think of food for everyone because only then will there be true security.”

What is good for Abuja residents should be good for the rural areas too.”

The 2019 Feed Nigeria Summit brought together government policy makers, researchers, agric innovators, agro-business concerns and the general public.