Food insecurity leaves 2.6 million Kenyans starving in August


The number of Kenyans facing starvation rose to 2.6 million in August as food insecurity continued to deteriorate in the east African nation, a state-owned agency has said on Thursday.

A report released by the National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) shows that the latest tally represented a surge of one million from the figure of 1.6 million in May during the mid-season assessment.

The number of people in need of relief assistance has more than doubled from 1.1 million in February, the NDMA said, warning that the total could rise to above three million people by October.

From this trend, this number is estimated to rise to above three million people in the next three months by October 2019,” the report said.

A third failed rain season would further exacerbate the food insecurity situation, it said.

The report said the Kenyan government has set up a drought command centre and developed a comprehensive response plan to address the situation.