Former Electoral Commissioner wins integrity award

Igbogi-Green Imelda, Yenagoa


The former Cross River State Resident Electoral Commissioner, Dr. Frankland Briyai has received an integrity award.

The Award was given to Dr. Frankland by a non-governmental organisation, NGO, known as the advocacy for the empowerment of Nigeria Women initiative.

The president of the advocacy for the empowerment of Nigeria Women initiative, Miss Hussaina Adamu, said the essence of the award given to Dr. Frankland Briyai by the organization was because of his immense contribution to the youths, women and children in the society.

“Dr Frankland is known as a genuine patriot, and also solve the problems of people generally in the society”   

Miss Adamu, urged Dr. Frankland to continue his goodwill service as he had chosen to distinguish himself from other Nigerians by setting a pace for excellence.

She went further to say that the advocacy for the empowerment of Nigeria Women initiative organisation need people like Dr. Frankland Briyai to develop Nigeria.

According to Miss Hussaina Adamu, NGO has endorsed Dr. Frankland Briyai, as the best candidate for Bayelsa State governorship election comes 16th of November 2019.

One of the executives of NGO, Mrs. Ekere Debora said if Dr. Frankland is elected as the next governor of Bayelsa State, he will contribute to create more jobs and development in the state.

‘’Dr. Frankland Briyai has done his best in the past when serving as a public servant. That was the reason my association came up with this award to present to him. We know as he is contesting for the Bayelsa State governorship race, when elected he will do more for his people. This is the reason we want to stand with him and we are happy to be part of his team,’’ she explained.

Dr. Frankland Briyai while receiving the award, expressed his appreciation.

‘’I am very excited that a group of people have recognized me today, my love for across genders either old or young will continue to be my life style. I know with God helping me, I will continue to shine to anybody that comes my way. I have never suppress anybody in my life and I will do my very best to ensure that your organisation stay top anytime,” Dr. Frankland said.

The advocacy for the empowerment of Nigeria Women initiative, has given five various awards to outstanding Nigerians so far which include Dr. Frankland Briyai in this year 2019.

The NGO, is a women organization that is saddled with the responsibility of protecting the right of women and children in the society.

Confidence Okwuchi