Foundation urges oil palm farmers to embrace modern technology


Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND) has urged oil palm farmers to embrace the use of modern technology if they aim to make massive profit.

The PIND facilitator, Dr. Samuel Dare, said this during the demonstration and commissioning of the small scale processing equipment for oil palm farmers in Iju, Akure North local government area of Ondo State, South-western, Nigeria.

Dare said the intervention in agriculture was aimed at training fabricators in the production of the modern equipment to alleviate poverty and create more employment opportunities among smallholder oil palm farmers in the Niger Delta.

The Foundation donated a set of digester press, sterilizer and clarifier to the farmers, assuring more intervention for the farmers who wish to get the equipment by subsidising the price.

He added that the functional test of the machines was done to show the farmers that the new technology would move up their profit.

According to him, “The one that is commonly used in Ondo State can only extract about 8 per cent of the palm oil in the local palm fruits that has up to 11 per cent of palm oil. The agric palm has 21 per cent oil content but the machine they are using here can only extract 11 or 12 per cent at peak season.

So, we see virtually that half of the palm oil in the palm fruits are being thrown away; that is the essence for the introduction of this new technology,” he said.