Four arson suspects arrested over fire on Greek Island


Four suspects of arson were arrested in Greece as efforts to put out a wildfire on Evia island continued for the third day.

Two Greeks, aged 52 and 58, had so far been detained in southern and western Peloponnese peninsula and two foreign nationals on Chios Island.

However, Fire fighters were still battling with dozens of blazes nationwide with the focus on Evia Island, two hours drive from Athens where a wildfire that broke out early Tuesday still rages on.

In spite the support from other European countries, the Greek Fire Service could only control four villages which had been evacuated but flames rekindled and were still raging on.

Meanwhile, efforts to contain the blaze had been hampered by strong winds.

The Fire Brigade and locals suspected arson.

According to government authorities, no casualties, serious injuries or extensive damages in residential zones had been reported, but a large part of a forest, which was part of EU’s Natural Network of protected areas, had been scorched.

The Greek National News Agency (AMNA) says another natural area was at risk from a wildfire which broke out on Thursday on Corfu Island in western Greece.

Each summer Greece faced hundreds of wildfires which in most cases were linked to arson or heat waves. In the summer of 2018, a wildfire which swept through a resort near Athens caused over 100 casualties.