Funeral for Ethiopia-Israeli shot by police


An 18-year-old Ethiopian-Israeli, Solomon Tekah, who was shot and killed near Hiafa by an off-duty police officer on Sunday, is expected to be buried today, report says.

On Monday night, hundreds of Ethiopian-Israelis came out in protest over the death of Mr Solomon.

Three policemen were injured after demonstrators threw stones at the officers and lit fireworks.

The police responded with stun grenades and several demonstrators were injured.

The officer accused of killing Mr Solomon has been detained on suspicion of manslaughter, report says.

It quotes the police as saying that the officer, who was not on duty, was trying to separate two young people who were having a row.

But Ha’aretz has also spoken to an eyewitness who said that the officer had threatened the youths with his weapon.


Nneka Ukachukwu