Galadima: Victory over Korea has given hope to Nigerians


Ibrahim Galadima, a former chairman of the then Nigeria Football Association (NFA), says Super Falcons’ 2-0 victory over South Korea on Wednesday in France has given hope to Nigerians.

Galadima said the Super Falcons have given hope to Nigerians that they could surmount the group stage hurdle and proceed to the next stage of the competition.

“They did a good job in their second game. I wish they played like this in their first match. They have lifted up our hope.

“They proved to the Korean that they are the African champions. Their game was an interesting game, and they have made the country proud.

“All the departments of their game were really engaged in the match. They played as a team and not as individuals so as to get a good result.

“So, the win against South Korea was a morale booster for their subsequent match,” he said.

Galadima then urged the Falcons to be more focused in their next match, against France on Monday, saying that with determination and seriousness they could defeat the host country.

“I believe their win against South Korea will really give them the confidence that they can defeat France, no matter how strong they are as the host country.

“They should be calm and be determined to win their last group match. I pray that the god of soccer should be on their side.

“The country, and all football fans especially, should put them in prayers so that we can celebrate at the end of the game,’’ the Chairman of the governing board of the National Institute for Sports (NIS) said.

The Super Falcons face hosts France in their next and final Group A fixture on June 17.