Gambian President pays tribute to Civilians killed by Police


The President of Gambia, Adama Barrow has paid tribute to the three protesters who were killed by police during Monday’s protest.

President Barrow also called on residents to testify before the inquiry committee charged with shedding light on the incident.

“I was very sad the day the incident happened, I’ve never been so sad since I became president I was so sad that I could not go to pray at the mosque of the presidency “, Barrow said.

Brother of one of the victims, Ebrima Bah is seeking for justice.

“I expect only one thing from the authorities, justice, I want justice to be done in this case, I want the guilty, those who caused the death of my brother be judged, and that the law applies to them,” Bah said.

Faraba Banta Development Committee Advisor, Pa Baboucarr Jobe was emotional about the incident.

‘‘So when I came back, what I found was disheartening.” This is a very unprofessional. What I saw was so bad, it was like a war zone I’ve never witnessed such kind of … such kind of incident before “, Jobe added.

Report has it that the Gambia’s police chief Landing Kinteh resigned Thursday over deaths of the three young men after police fired on marchers at an anti-pollution protest.

Locals have been protesting at Faraba Banta, over mining of sand which they say is badly polluting rice farms.